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About The Magnetic Button

Have you ever had trouble buttoning your shirt’s top button or any of your buttons? Do you have difficulties with your hands and fingers? Hi, my name is David Puglia and for years I struggled with these same issues. As most people I never gave getting dressed much thought until a spinal operation left my hands with limited strength and feeling. This made a simple everyday task of getting dressed a form of stress, frustration and at times shame. It wasn’t until a business trip that I was on where I tried unsuccessfully to button my top button for 2 hours to wear a tie that I decided there had to be a better way.

I teamed up with my brother Michael to create a simpler way to button shirts that everyone can use. The Magnetic Button will revolutionize the way you get dressed, or undressed, forever! The Magnetic Button makes getting dressed in a snap a reality. You can think of it as enhancing your current dressing experience or taking back your independence.

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Why do I need The Magnetic Button?

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Whether you have a medical condition like arthritis or you simply have trouble buttoning up your shirt, The Magnetic Button’s cover system makes it easy to snap your shirt buttons on without extra stress or effort! The Magnetic Button has been customized to fit over any of your existing shirts standard sized buttons so you can easily swap your buttons from one shirt to the other.

You will no longer have to worry about the stress that shirt buttons caused you in the past, all you need to do is snap on your Magnetic Buttons!

How it works

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Attach The Magnetic Button to your clothes buttons.

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Put on your clothes as you normally would.

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Just let the magnets do their thing!